Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dressing Twins-A Vote

It looks like Jada and Adia are identical. (We get new pictures this weekend, so maybe as they put on weight, we will be surprised). 
I need you to weigh in on this.

If the girls are truly identical, should Jada and Adia:
A) Only be seen in identical outfits until they are old enough to protest
B) Wear coordinating outfits
C) Wear same outfit, different color
D) Develop individual styles 

I would have loved to be dressed the same as Kristen, and I have spent much of my life copying her fashion.  (If you know her, you know why).  However, I am not sure that Kristen has always enjoyed this.  ;)


Nathan and Rachel said...

Well, this is how it would be if it was our family:) I do most of my kids' clothes shopping at garage sales, which is amazingly cheap (and really fun, too!). So in our case, if I had twins they would not wear the same clothes because with garage saling it would be impossible to get identical clothing...does that make sense? But I don't think there would be anything wrong with dressing them alike--it's kind of cute, especially on little kids! I know for Nathan's cousins (Andy and Veronica) they have always dressed Jasmine in purple and Lilly in pink, which helps people know which is which. Just an idea:) Sorry for my rambling!!

Regg said...

So, being a Beer, of course I have an opinion which I would voice much more vehemently if the whole world wasn't watching. That being said, I vote D. They obviously can't develop their own styles now, but you can do that for them, what parent doesn't? Although it may be cute to see kids dressed identically, I, personally, fell like the kids are being shown off a little too much. However, whatever you happen to decide, I will be glad to tell you cute the girls are (even if I don't see them for six more months).

Amber said...

Ok - lets try again, my last comment got erased accidentally.

But what I was saying is that we like the ecletic approach over here - we do a little of it all.

When it comes to special occasions/church, I pretty much always dress the girls either alike or coordinating (same dress, different colors or similar style of dresses). There's something pretty fun about dressing little girls alike (while I can anyways ; ) ).

I may be weird (HAH) but I've often said if I had twin boys, the only matching I would do would be by "coordinating" outfits. Don't ask me why it feels different, but it does.

My overall favorite way to dress the girls is by coordinating. Jeans and the same shirts but different colors, similar types of outfit (ex: both tracksuits), etc. What I love about that is I feel like it doesn't have me choosing who gets the "cuter" outfit. That may sound strange, but it's something that took me by surprise that I really do wrestle with - like I"m deciding who gets the more fun outfit that day. So having clothes similar, makes it feel fun for both. Although there are days they're dressed completely differently as as they get to school age, I don't think I'll do much matching unless by then they want to.

I can only take so much matching completely identically - in fact, I had to put a stop to my mom buying all matching clothes. (rough - huh?!) But now that she knows I like them coordinating better, it isn't an issue.

And as a head's up - when you take pictures of the girls, if you dress them alike like we do, make sure you take note of who is who. On the girl's earlier pictures when their weights weren't so different and I thought I did clearly know . . .when I look back now, I'm not sure. Yikes. So someday the girls may ask me who is who, and I may stutter a little bit. : )

Either way - dressing little girls is SO much fun!

Carla said...

I would vote for b or c. Years ago we had a family at church that had very identical twins. They dressed them coordinating, but since no one could tell them apart the girl that had an "r" in her name always wore something with red in it so others knew them apart. I don't know how you would do that with your girls but you are very creative and can think of something. Just one more thing to think about. You can thank me later.

Laura L. said...

It's probably one of those a "a bit of everything" deals. I only have 1 baby and there are days we're lucky if both of us are dressed before Mark gets home from work. Somedays you'll want to dress them alike or coordinate and other days you'll let it go with whatever you can grab. You'll be a great mom and we're so excited for you.