Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Other Side

I have been there...never as a parent giving up a biological child, but as a caretaker, saying goodbye to little ones that I came to love deeply...

Timi and Andres
I have recently been thinking a lot of my time at CVE, loving kids who didn't have families.  I lived with Jenna, who took care of the little guys.  So, my roommates came in adorable, oh-my-word cute, precious
and AWWW!

My roomies from the early days...

After Timi and Andres were adopted, I never saw them again. 

I wonder if our girls' caretakers' hearts are going to rip like Jenna's did when we take G and M across the ocean back to the U.S.

Jenna is still in Mexico and she and Steph sent me a care package when they heard we were led to adopt. 

 Two little shirts.  The boy shirt had a monkey on it.  Timi's favorite shirt was yellow with a monkey on it.  I immediately saw the shirt and thought of him, everytime I see a monkey shirt, my heart aches for Timi.  I then read the note from Jenna. 

Ames, when I saw this shirt, I thought of Timi.  People who say that you can't love non-biological children like your own, don't know what they are talking about.

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Stephanie Leigh said...

So true, Amy. I'm thinking of you both and praying that God continues to prepare your hearts for these two regalos de Dios... and I think it's a blessing that you can think of their father, other caretakers/friends in their lives -- you know exactly how to pray for them... and the pain separation can bring.
Con mucho amor...