Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yes, I'd like a mini-bus, er, I mean double stroller...

A mother of twins, Amber, advised me on the double stroller. “Test drive them!” If you have never steered a double stroller, they are monsters! So big. They “conveniently” fold up, but still can’t fit in small car trunks.
After reconciling that all double strollers were just big and that a side-by-side won't fit through standard doors, we were leaning towards option #2 (see photo below) and I had even found it on a great sale online with no shipping! However, there are a lot of variables we were still trying to decide between, so when I was in Ft. Wayne, I popped into Babies R Us to give ‘em a whirl.

Option #1 steered like a dream. I was impressed. I pulled out Option #2. Whoa. It would hardly turn. It was like the bad grocery cart where you have to plant your feet apart and start the turn wide from your ab muscles. I struggled with it through the aisles thinking, “This is ridiculous! I can hardly steer it and this is pre-kiddos and all their paraphanelia!” I came around another corner and realized, “I have made the wrong decision!”

Option #1 Contours Tandem

Option #2 Graco Quatro Tour

Two Babies R Us employees were walking towards me.

Employee: Umm, (trying not to laugh) did you know that the front wheels are locked?

Me: (shoulders back, chin up) Oh, that explains a lot.

Employee: Yeah, I noticed by the look on your face. Do you want me to unlock them for you? (Now both employees are struggling to hold back laughter).

Me: (Trying not to dig a hole through the tile to crawl into) Yes, please.


Unlocking the wheels will do a lot for a stroller. We will stick with option #2.


Joy said...

Thats so funny!! Thanks for sharing:) I was going to say, my Graco stroller rides like a dream:)

Minders said...

lol...that is so funny! Don't worry, I've had that happen to me more than once because one of the boys or something in our van will hit the wheel lock without me knowing it.

We have option #2 and I really like it!

The Lehman's said...

Congrats to you on your new little girls. I have to say that we had a Graco and it was very nice. However, they are very heavy and take up a lot of truck space. When strolling they roll well and are narrow, which is nice when shopping. julie :)

ps I am a friend of your aunt Susie!!!

JILL said...

Ok, I totally don't have twins obviously, but I can say that I have done a lot of research on double strollers because we may been needing one in the future. Just to let you know, there are some side by side strollers that do fit through regular sized doors, they just have to be under 30" wide. Also, depending on where you plan on using a stroller, having more of an all-terrain wheel or larger wheels will help immensely in pushing these things. Guaranteed the tandem strollers are nice, but they weigh a ton and once you get two kiddos in there, especially when they get older it will get harder to maneuver and steer. Just my two cents of what I have found so far. Love ya - Jill

Laura L. said...

Don't worry about it. Baby stuff has lots of little features that aren't so "obvious." You'll figure it out.

chavarria family blog said...

I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes! And it happens to all moms of more then one baby when you have to drive the "kid limo" around malls and stores!!! Good luck!! So excited for you guys!!! Love you!

Justin & Sarah said...

Amy, that is hysterical!! :) I can totally see you doing that! Don't worry, we all have been there! :) Love you!