Monday, January 11, 2010

We Can Hardly Believe It...

Hey!  Thanks for coming along on our journey. This is our new blog, our baby blog.  :)  There will be no pictures of the chicas for awhile, just updates, maybe to keep it from getting dry I will find other random pictures to post.  ;)

Jon and I are so thankful and EXCITED to have been matched with identical twins from Ethiopia!  There presumed birthdate is in mid November 2009.

With our thankfulness comes a sadness as we realize that their momma died in childbirth or soon after, leaving behind 6 other children ranging in age from 3-18 and a father of eight, who, has loved his children to levels I cannot even imagine, and sacrificially given his two baby girls, as he realizes he can't care for them and trust someone else can. Oh, I can't even comprehend that pain.

Here is the estimated timeline on our adoption:
Dossier submitted to agency: Check. December 19, 2009
Dossier in Country: Check. January 4, 2010
Begin wait for referral: Check. (expecting months of waiting)
Receive Referral: umm...Check?!? January 6, 2010 (God decided we could skip that wait)
Accept Referral: January 11, 2010 (Woohoo!)
Ethiopian Adoption Court Date: Approximately 2 months after referral acceptance
Travel to Pick up our Precious Babies: Approximately 4 weeks
Readopt Babies in the U.S.: File upon arrival to the U.S.

The rest of the adoption timeline is based upon many variables.  A few examples of hiccups we may encounter: not passing court, birthfather not coming to court, getting into the rainy season (everything closes down).  

Our agency, IAG, says to expect to travel about 4 months upon acceptance of referral...

Prayer Points
-Please pray with us for a court date and that all of our paperwork is in order.  Now that we can see these sweet little faces in pictures, our desire to bring them home and hold and love them is strong.     

-Pray for their father, I can't begin to imagine his grief at losing his wife and two babies. 

-Pray for the six children staying with their father, may they feel the comfort of the Lord and their salvation.


Anonymous said...

As you know, we are so excited and praising God for HIS provision for you! We've been praying that HE will send you the child/children that HE wants you to nurture and raise up to serve HIM! He has answered that prayer mightily and we look forward to being grandparents to these precious little girls! We love you! Mom and Dad

MJG said...

I am so excited for you guys! It is going to be so fun having the girls the same age as Charlie. They will be great friends and cousins:) Love you!! Meika

Pam said...

Iam so thrilled!! (even at tad jeleous but don't tell anyone they will know how crazy i am!!) I am here for you in the hair department for sure!! I have a great yahoo group that is a mountain of info for adoption hair care. I have added you to my blog list and will be praying & loving these babies with you!! do they have names??? :)

Amber said...

What wonderful news! Our God is ALWAYS faithful, and I'm confident He has prepared you and Jon to be wonderful parents to these two little girls. May He bless your heart during this waiting time as I'm sure your arms long to hold them! We will keep you in our prayers!

Bob said...

Wow! We are so happy happy for you! What a blessing blessing! ;o)

Justin & Sarah said...

Jon and Amy! Words cannot express how happy I am! These precious babies will be so blessed to have you both as parents! We will continue to keep them in our prayers. Love, Sarah and Justin

Jane E said...

We are so excited for you!!!! TWINS!? How exciting and amazing..... we will keep praying and look forward to seeing God's wonderful plan carried out.
Love ya!
The Reinhards:Michael, Jane, Deacon, and Finn

Amber said...

Jon and Amy,

Got to love the internet world . . .but SO excited to hear about your two baby girls. Ours are 10 months old and more fun every day. As much works as twins can be, it is every bit (and even more) that much fun. You'll both do great. We'll be prayerful for all of you and that you can see God beside you with each step still ahead. God bless!

JILL said...

Unbelieveable!!! God is so faithful. We have enjoyed watching your journey from the sidelines. Too awesome!! We are excited to meet these little bundles of joy. I know Selah will love them to pieces (as will Jill & I). Love you guys. We continue to lift you up to the Father. God bless.


Todd and Teresa said...

Wow!! Double excitement!! I secretly thought it's be really cool if you got twins. Switching agencies sure seems have to been a good thing. It shows your hearts that you are praying for their father. Sounds like the babies have been shown love and care.
We will be praying!
Todd and Teresa

Joy said...

We are THRILLED for the Jon and Amy Gerst family! God is good...we will pray like the dickens and are super excited to meet the two girlies! They're a blessing!
Love you, Jason, Joy, and Jayla

Donna said...

Jon & Amy,

We are so excited and grateful to be able and look forward to welcoming two precious baby girls into our family circle and to welcome both of you as new parents. Our prayers remain with you during this time of waiting till you can wrap them into your own arms.

Our love to both of you,
Dad & Mom Gerst

Susie said...

Jon and Amy,
We're thrilled for you! It is exciting to have babies back in the family. Can't wait to love and hold them!
Suz for all the Tonner's

Anonymous said...

Hi you guys! This is great news that you got your referral, and for two precious girls! We will definitely be watching and praying for your babies! We'd love to go out to an ET place to eat with you guys! We're very free this month. When are you available? Perhaps I'll try to find your e-mail and figure out a time that way :). So excited for you two!