Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We Know Who's Who!

We know you are praying as the girls are growing so quickly! We so appreciate your support!

We got new pics this morning and the girls look so healthy and alert!  Now, this is sort of a problem because we have a busy week/weekend and we are hosting potluck on Sunday. I should be getting a lot done. However, on days we receive new pictures, I keep finding myself at the computer probably 50% of the time, flipping through the pictures and "oohing, aahing" and praising God! 

It is a relief to know who is who.  I was feeling kind of guilty not knowing. If you have seen their pictures, Adia M. has more hair and Jada G. looks like she had some hair shaved.  If you haven't seen their pictures and would like to, get to Jon and I or my mother. Rumor has it she carries a few with her wherever she goes.  :)

We had an opportunity to send a care package with another family who left yesterday to pick up their two kiddos in the Mekele Care Center. Deciding on the items to fit one gallon Ziploc was a little challenging. We wanted to send all of our love and, well, one baggie can’t hold that…or us. :)

The blankets were good and "scented" up as we had slept with them for five nights.  (Call me crazy, but I love sleeping with a blankie.  Jon was afraid I wouldn't give it up!)  The green blanket was for Jada and the pink for Adia.  I think we may try to dress Jada more in blues and greens as her name is very close to jade.

Please pray for our friends, Jeff and Sarah S. as they left yesterday to pick up baby S!


Todd and Teresa said...

I can feel your excitement in your posts! Can't wait to see updated pictures.

Peggy said...

Hey I want to see pics and neither you and Jon nor your mother is close enough to get a look. Can't you post some? I'm dying here....