Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Umm..No to the Diaper Wipe Warmer...

We have been blessed with the opportunity of sending a care package to our girls!  (FYI: The name announcement is coming soon, maybe the end of this week?)

I went into Babies R Us to pick up a few things and I lost track of time, as I browsed, open-mouthed, through the aisle filled with baby products.  Registering should be fun, I am beginning to get a handle on this idea of twins and trying to maximize tight spaces will be a fun challenge.  :)  Let's just say I hope I don't get swept overboard in the sea of endless products!  Moms out there, let me know what are must and what you can do without!   

The Quandry
Jon and I had decided on blankies in their first package, we can sleep with them for about a week and so then the girls will receive them and have an opportunity to get to know our smells.  However, I was in a quandry over what to do.  Should I buy them identical blankies?  No, that felt impersonal.  Who gets what color?  Which stuffed animals should I buy them?  Would G love a teddy and M a stuffed monkey?  Do identical twins need identical stuff? 

In Other News...

I also can't stop thinking about the devastation in Haiti.  All of LSM's Homes of Hope families are safe, but how many more children are now orphans?  How many more mommies can't find their children?

Let us remember Haiti in our prayers.


Betsy said...

Just saw your blog and heard the news -- great joy! As an expert 4-mos-old-mom, I would say the bare necessities are: bouncy seat, boppy pillow (at least 2 covers), Desitin. We decided to go without most things and it has been a blessing to be free from a baby-cluttered living room. That said, things might be different with two...congratulations and I'll look forward to following the story. Betsy

Nathan and Rachel said...

Hi Amy! We are sooo excited for you guys! I can't wait to meet them! That is so awesome--2 sets of Ethiopian twins at Leo:) How fun! and I would agree with Betsy that a bouncy seat is a definite necessity--all of our kids have used ours all the time. None of our kids have liked the swing. And they also have not used the play gym (the thing they lay down on with toys to look at and stuff). and if you register for a high chair, I think they sell ones that strap on top of a regular chair--I would LOVE to have one of those, because that would be a major space saver! (especially if you are going to have 2 of them in your kitchen!!) Anyway, if you want more of my opinions just ask:) Love ya!

Todd and Teresa said...

Jon and Amy,
Love the idea of sending the blankets that have your smells on them. Is there any way that you could send tapes of your voices? Maybe that wouldn't work, but if you send tapes and a recorder so that they could listen to your voices reading, talking and singing to them you may feel familiar to them when you meet them. That's what we did when Trent was so teeny tiny and had to stay in the hosp.
Love you!

mark and angie said...

Jon and Amy,
Kaitlee recommends a "Trunky"'s a little stuffed elephant head/body sewn onto a little blanket. Any animal would do, but Kaitlee specifically recommends an elephant because when you are a baby, you can hold onto the ears and chew on the elephant's nose!! When I asked what else she thought your babies needed, she said a blankie and a humidifier. Hmmm...didn't know she was so attatched to the humidifier! Good luck making your decisions - baby stuff is too cute!

Jon y Amy said...

Thanks for your suggestions! I love the idea of recording our voices. I don't know if they would have anyone of playing it...I will have to do some research. I could have Jon record some lullabies or something.

Ang, Kaitlee suggestions made me laugh! Good to know about a trunky...and the humidifier. ;)It makes me want to squeeze her!

I have heard good things about the bouncy seats as well. I had never heard of the boppy pillow, but just investigated them online. Very helpful suggestions!

Jane E said...

Amy-The blanket idea is wonderful!! As far as what you need......that's tricky! You can't possibly have 2 of everything.....hmmmmm.... I would go with a bouncy or a swing (both aren't neccasary. Graco makes the portable and collapsible swing that the carseat just snaps into. Very nice for small spaces and traveling. Such a blessing that you can send the package and I just think sending the blankets with your scent is perfect. I forgot about the other set of twins at Leo until I read Rach's comment!! How exciting!! The boppy pillow is great not only for feeding, but also tummy time and they can also lay on it on their backs. I also recommend the Bumbo. It is great for when they start being able to sit up and I use it for baths for Finn and now that he is starting to eat real food, he sits in that until he will be able to fit in his highchair. We'll be in touch- I'll stop now.... :)
love ya!

Jane E said...

Also, I meant to add in there, that you are in a special sitution obviously, bc of having twins, so I was just telling you what has been useful with just having one at a time....:)

Minders said...

Well Amy, to make your decision harder I thought I'd tell you that I never used my Boppy pillow with either of my boys. I tried it for tummy time and they would push off the floor and over the boppy and end up face planted on the floor and not too happy. :)

I think the bottom line is that whatever you get is what you will get used to using and what you will like. Does that make sense? I mean that if you never buy a swing and only use a bouncy seat your girls will get used to it and enjoy that. They won't know what they're "missing".

I LOVED the Bumbo seat. I got it for my second boy, Levi and used it a TON. We took it to the beach so he could sit up and watch Noah and Daddy playing in the sand and water. The great thing was that he stayed in the same spot and never got sandy! I also used it for feeding him cereal and baby food.

I LOVE Dr. Brown's bottles. They reduce gas, spit up and general fussiness in babies. Both of my boys used them and weren't big spitters - I don't know if it was them or the bottles but I still really liked them. The down side to them is that there are a lot of pieces to them to clean but if you buy one of those things to put in your dishwasher it's really not a big deal. I'll let you know if I think of some other things. :) Happy shopping!!

bri said...

Hey you two-Congratulations! Wow, amazing-what a change that will be!! As for what I would recommend; lets see-so they will be about six months old when you get them if I'm reading correctly? Since they will be that old I would prob. recommend an exersaucer and just other age appropriate toys b/c they prob. wouldn't get near as much use out of a swing, bouncy seat, bumbo, or boppy pillow than if you were getting them when they were a couple mos. old as I'm assuming they will be close to sitting up on their own by then. But I could be wrong. Also I would also recommend the high chair/booster seat that fits onto a chair to save space! Hope that helps! :)