Monday, January 25, 2010

In Training...

In some of the adoption material we have read, it is frequently mentioned that a very helpful tip for infant/toddler adoption is to strap the child on and go!  Because babies have missed that early bonding with mom time and they won't have the opportunity to bond as deeply during breastfeeding, one positive way to build the attachment is to use a sling/wrap and keep the babies close. 

As I was telling Jon my genius idea to get one swing, one exersaucer, one bouncy seat, etc, so I could always have at least one child strapped on and the other enjoying baby wonderland, he said, "Hmm, babe, you might need to start training.  You are going to get tired, with all of that weight, all the time". 

Good point.  So, I found the "Baby K'tan" a sling that boasts a large repetoire of positions, including sling a position for TWO babies.  Great! I read the reviews and ordered it.

The manual reads, "The Baby K'tan Baby Carriers is one of the few carriers which allows caregivers to carry twins simultaneously and comfortably during the first few months of their lives.  In fact, twins can even be breastfed simultaneously and discreetly in the Baby K'tan Carrier".  Hmm...does this sound to good to be true to anyone else?

After tackling the somewhat intimidating manual to teach how to put it on,

I loaded up an eight pound exercise weight.  Wow.  It keeps lodging itself uncomfortably in my stomach, I might have to find a softer weight.  I feel like I might fall over frontwards...this is for up to 42 pounds!  You have got to be kidding me!  Apparently, past Superwomen have done this. It looks like I have a lot of training to do before I load up twins! 


Sarah said...

Jon and Amy!

A HUGE congrats to you both - how exciting!! Rumor has it, your mom carries a picture of the girls in her purse. I definitely need to track her down at church.

Been praying and will continue!

Sarah (and Klint)

Jane E said...

On the subject of bonding and attachment, perhaps ou have already read it, but can I recommend to you Deborah Gray's, "Attaching in Adoption"? It is very helpful!

Jill said...

Go Amy! Sounds like a great workout.