Monday, October 3, 2011

Crisp, Clear and Crunchy

(The title is my alliteration of a beautiful Fall Day, apparently I am very poetic today. ;)).  We visited family in Plymouth, MI this weekend and enjoyed much time outdoors!  Justin and Sarah were wonderful hosts and it was so fun to see The Littles get to know their cousins better.

Fall 049

The gentleman, Hudson, gave all the ladies rides in his powerwheel Jeep.  :)

Fall 108

We went to a cider mill, which was a perfect spot for kids.  It was a cold day, so we first went winter coat shopping in Paige’s old clothes.  So fun!  The Littles were both completely delighted with their new ensembles. 

  Fall 076

Little J’s reaction after she tried to feed the goat and it licked her entire hand.

Fall 125 

Fall 154 Fall 119

Fall 136

Fall 193 

 Fall 270

Surprisingly enough, The Littles REALLY like scarecrows. :)

Fall 231

Thanks so much Justin and Sarah, we were so blest by your hospitality!


Wee said...

Oh, that's funny about the Littles liking scarecrows! Now I know why they seemed so fascinated with the scarecrow on our fireplace yesterday! So funny!

Anonymous said...

The header pics are great. I especially like little A's red hat and coat. It's questionable if that hat really warmed her ears. :)

Todd and Teresa