Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Drum Roll Please

Wow, we have three winners from our



Congratulations to:

Steph from Loving Mercy

Jessica F.

Mandy R.

Ladies, please leave a comment so I know you heard you were the winner!  Then e-mail Jody at and let her know which style of headband, flower or bracelet you would like.  She can do flowers on alligator clips or headbands.

If you didn’t win, remember to visit the etsy shop, Grafted Together, and get a few Christmas gifts or suggestions for yourself!!  Isn’t shopping with a cause the best?!

Many blessings to the Detmers and their journey to bring home Isaiah and Sophie from the Congo!


Steph said...

Just saw your post and found out I won! Thank you so much. I'll email you.

Steph said...

I meant - I'll email her. :)

Jessica said...

Amy - I assume Jessica F. is me?? I didn't see any other Jessica's that commented...Thanks!!!