Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunday Best

Little A was accessorizing herself, but I wasn’t sure why.  When she was happy enough with her appearance, she announced she was going to “church”.  I was intrigued to see her impression of church as it sometimes seems they get stressed out by all the action on Sundays.



Little J, my underclothed rabbit, joined in the fun and yes, it looks like they are looking at board books, but make no mistake, they are actually hymnals, to which the girls sang a few bars.


“Hey sister, did you get that page number”?


I gave them the care bears to let them “parent” during the service and to see what they did.  The care bears sat on their laps for a little bit while the girls read them stories.  The game ended soon after as Little A had enough of her care bear’s attitude and took her care bear out of service for “discipline”.  Little J followed with her care bear.  Glad they are getting the important things.

As for the wisdom teeth, I am faring well, had a few more dentist visits and am feeling better, although the taste in my mouth is so gross, it actually makes me wince when a new little bit leaks out.  I am eating, well slurping, nonstop to get the taste out of my mouth.  I actually got so full I had to switch to constant candy.  Probably the only person who gains weight during wisdom teeth recovery. ;)


Sarah said...

no. way. they didn't do this! That is ADORABLE!!!

smw said...

that is so cute.

i hope you are all recovered soon!

emilykate said...

Ha this is really cute. And I'm so sorry about your teeth woes. I can SO relate to constantly sipping something just to counteract the awfulness.