Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our God Is Able

Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed with the needs, there are days when the needs can seem so vast, that I am immobilized to do anything.

Today I present to you another need, but ask that you consider if God would possibly want you involved.

Remember when we talked about Make Way Partners and Passport Through Darkness? Make Way Partners has an orphanage for orphans in HIGH risk in one of the most dangerous places in the world, Sudan. 


Because of the violence and loads of other factors, the food bill for these orphans has exploded, leaving the administrators facing some tough decisions.

Read the blog article and pray about how you can be involved. Click here: “How to Beat the Trigger Date for Starvation.”

One of my favorite audio series is “The Pineapple Stories” by Otto Koning.  I have taken many life lessons from his journeys, but one stands out in light of this situation.

“My God is not short of cars”.

I think of that now as we know our God does not lack. He isn’t short on funds.

In unrelated news:

We have two winners!


Congratulations to:

Ashley B.

Christa M.

Send me your addresses and wait for the One Hope CD!

Remember, if you didn’t win, it is a great way to start Christmas shopping.  100% of proceeds go to helping orphans!


chrissy said...

YAY! Thank you Amy, I will email you my address.

Ashley Baner said...

Oh! How fun!! So excited! I was reading and thinking about the many times when God provides when we don't think it is possible feeling sad for all the kids and then BOOM...I am a winner! What a change!

312 E. 4th St.
Gridley, IL

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for getting the word out about our CD! We are so excited to see where this CD will go and most of all, to raise money for the orphans who truly need it! The more CDs we are able to sell, the more children we can help! Glory be to God.

Paige Meyer

Anonymous said...

^Ditto to what you said Paige! :)

Thanks so much Amy for spreading the word! You're awesome!! We can't wait to see where God will take this project, and excited to help more children through LSM!

Alyssa Meyer