Monday, October 24, 2011

Dry Sockets

You can enter the GIVEAWAY until October 26th!

From the bottom of our hearts, thanks to those of you who quickly grabbed donation items off of the list from the previous post and the many of you who have expressed in person or through another means of communication, your love and support of our family.  We are humbled and grateful.

Lately, it feels as though I have been all business.  Partly because I have had my wisdom teeth removed and have been very careful; however, this still did not stop me from having two dry sockets!  YUCK. On the bright side, I can’t be in too bad of a mood as three people covered dinners for us.  I am so spoiled. In an effort to lighten things around here (my mood included), a few random pictures of The Littles.

Zoo with daddy 186

Zoo with daddy 242

Fall 027

Fall 020

Starting this blog, we didn’t realize that it would actually become our “village” but it has and we are so thankful for you.

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Amber said...

Amy - are the donations all covered? Or are there still some remaining? Let me know!!