Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Little Watching Crew

While Jon and I leave on the evening of November 1st and will be gone until the 11th, The Littles are going to be in good hands!  I am really thankful. As our departure approaches, we feel your prayers, for real, as in I can talk and think about it without crying. :)  Thank you.  Can you keep them coming?  For The Littles and the following people:

Aunt Steph is going to watch The Littles from November 1-3.

Gerst vaca and Chad wedding 275

Aunt Kris will cover November 4-6.

5-20 042

And Papa and Nana are November 7-11.

Gerst vaca and Chad wedding 621

Plus, a host of other people who will be helping as Papa and Nana harvest! :)

Bless you!