Friday, October 21, 2011

In Need

Don’t forget the GIVEAWAY!

We are in need.  Our family needs your prayers. If you have been reading our blog in 2011, you may have noticed references to us going through some hard stuff, the good kind of hard, the kind of hard that has made us fall to our knees.  Through a series of God ordained circumstances, Our family has been praying about entering full-time missions.  We leave for Africa on an exploratory trip and will be gone November 2-11.  The Littles cannot go with us. I will write a little more about this before we leave on November 2nd. 

Ethiopia-Canon Rebel 038

We have been asked to take over supplies for the missionaries we are visiting and a small group home for orphans. We would be really thankful if some of these items could be donated.  If you are interested in donating any of the following, leave me a comment or send me an e-mail. I am willing to do pick ups in the area and will also be down in the Bluffton area before we leave.  Thanks for your consideration!

Needs List

-Soccer balls (not inflated if that is possible, otherwise we can deflate them) 4 balls Thanks Ashley!

-4 boxes Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets  Thanks Mandy!

-20 boxes of Crayons (boxes of 24) Thanks Jodi!

-15 children’s scissors Thanks Rachel!

-Clothes: Lightweight pjs, lightweight clothes, sweatpants, underpants, socks Thanks Suzy! (no sleeveless tops) Can definitely be used and specifically in these approximate sizes, dark shades are better for bottoms, socks and undies

-3 ½ yr old twin girls (small for their age) Thanks Mindy!

-4 yr old boy (wears size 3) Thanks Sarah!

-6 yr old girl Thanks Jody D!

13 yr old boy (size 12, needs cargo pants) Thanks Suzy!

-Jump ropes/puzzles/balls Thanks Janel!

-Toys (can use additional) Thanks JJ!

Books/DVDs (appropriate for Ethiopian children, can be used)

-3 large bottles of hand lotion  Thanks Emily!

-3 dawn liquid detergent (large bottle)  Thanks Nichole!

-3 long handled spatulas  Thanks Nichole!

-Children’s multivitamins (3 large bottles)  Thanks Kristi!

-Cardboard filing/storage box that can be broken down

Thanks for your prayers.


emilykate said...

Amy, I would love to help. I will get you the 3 large bottles of hand lotion. Praying for your family.

Nichole said...

ill get you the 3 bottles of dawn and 3 long handled spatulas! and when you say large bottle - do you mean the 56 oz size?

Jodi said...

Amy I will get the crayons....20 boxes and get them to your Mama. Praying for direction for your family...hugs!! Court and Jodi

Mindy said...

WOW!!! SO exciting!!! We will be praying for you!! I'd love to donate some clothes - I can have them shipped to you. I'll look online later today and e-mail you a confirmation so you know what I got.

Kristi said...

Hey, Amy! I'll get the multivitamins! (Will you let me know if you want chewable or gummy?)

JJ said...

Hey Amy, We want to help. I have a friend that just asked if I know of anyone that is need of gently used toys. Can she send them your way? Email me at bradandjj at yahoo dot com.

Amber said...

Continuing to be prayerful for you guys. I"ll definitely be able to figure something . . .I'll get back to you.

Ashley Baner said...

I love your heart! I was looking into the soccor balls. They are $16 to ship to your house. I was wondering if I could order them and you could pick them up at your Walmart. I could also pick them up tonight possibly and take them to Bluffton this weekend. If you get this, email me at

Sarah said...

I can take the 4-year-old little guy!

(probably won't get to this until after this weekend if that's okay...not sure when you're swinging by!)

Janel said...

We'll take care of the jump ropes/puzzles and many of each do you want and I will take them to your mom

T and M said...

I'll get the purex laundry sheets if you still need them. Mandy

Hopper family said...

i have a ton of children's shoes if you're interested. new, croc-like, big kid sizes. we got stopped and had to pay customs fees on them last week... but if you think you can smuggle a few pairs, you're welcome to them.

leah ann

Janell said...

praying you there! :)

Jody said...

I will take care of the clothes for the 6 year old girl.

Erin said...

I am so excited for you! We will be praying. Let us know if there is something specific we can pray for. God does amazing things when His children seek His face in prayer!!

David and Larisa said...

Jon mentioned your news to David when we were in Leo a couple of weeks exciting! We will be praying for you and the girls as you go through all of the transition ahead.