Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And That’s A Start

You’d think after yesterday and the 10 stinky diapers I changed, at least a little could have gone in the potty.  No…diarrhea and potty-training are not good friends. After all your good advice, The Littles caught a many day virus which involves all kinds of yuck.

But today, well, it was a new day and we had our first success on the potty.


It may have been the size of a dime, but OH, IT COUNTS.

photo (2)



Kristi said...

yaaaaay! Hang in there!

Janell said...

Love that pic!!

Sandra said...

Awesome...a little is better than NONE!!
I did have to smile because my liam(who is 2) just got fully potty trained this past December and it all happened because he had diarrhea!! He had to go so often that he knew it and refused to go in his diaper which was great...cause that stuff is no fun to clean up so I was thankful to flush it instead:).

Hirsita Dixit said...

What a pik that is....!thanks
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Janel said...

WOOOOHHOOOOOO!!!!! So glad for her:)

Wee said...

So cute!

T and M said...

wow, the expressions! too funny ( :

I wish i could assure you that the sickness would soon be past, but it seemed to be a 1week+ affair around our place. Hang in there!

L, An and boys said...

Priceless picture =)