Thursday, February 2, 2012

Unplugged but Plugged In

Welp, we are still without internet. But things are happening and God is moving in the little details and we may soon be connected.

The other morning I wanted to know the weather and without internet or television, I had to turn on the radio! Hehehe.

In this time without I have had a few recurring thoughts.

1) AAH! I feel cut off.  I am sorry if you have sent an e-mail and I haven’t responded, if you announced you are expecting and I haven’t said congratulations or if you announced your moving and I haven’t offered to help.  I don’t know if China fell into the ocean or which political candidate said what and I haven’t done any online banking in days!


2) I am also finding in this time of being “unplugged”, I am way more “plugged in” to the vine. My prayer life has greatly improved. 

I read a quote today that resonated and I thought maybe it could bless you too. 

“Let us not pray for easier lives but for greater power to bring blessing out of every pressure and trial”.

The Littles are adjusting well. Here are a few recent pictures…

Playtime 052

Little J has been into layering…notice the tutu over the princess dress.

Playtime 055

Playing with new found toys in Grandma’s basement.

Playtime 062

Enjoying the nice weather and the new outdoor spaces.

Playtime 073

Cooking breakfast for their babies…

Playtime 077

Little J was so worried about this doll.

Playtime 075

Making boats out of empty boxes…

Playtime 080

And finding old favorite books.

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