Saturday, February 25, 2012

There's Movement!

In the Ethiopian adoption world, it doesn’t take too long to look at the numbers of referrals, hear the long waits of families and what is being asked of them before it can become downright discouraging. There is wonderful news to report! There’s movement!

Our friends, Jason and Joy, bring home there 8 year-old daughter, Meron, TODAY! Actually, they land in three minutes. PRAISE GOD. Seriously people, let's praise Him. I will post a picture after I am sure I have permission.

Within the past week, we have received some wonderful news! First, Jon R. wanted to meet (my) Jon for breakfast. Jon and Beth are long-time friends who have been on the Ethiopian waiting list for a llllooooonnnggg time. Jon R. hid pictures of their sweet baby boy (and I do mean sweet, like scrumptious, want to look at him forever, sweet) in the menu to surprise Jon G. Such a special moment.
You can follow their journey at Riggalicious Reflections
And if that wasn't enough good news, our friends, Jeff and Sarah Stoller, received a surprise this week...after a very short wait, THEY JUST GOT THEIR REFERRAL!  They have decided to name their precious new son, Joah.  He is a doll, breathtaking and beautiful with two, melt-you-into-a-puddle, big eyes in a tiny body. It reminds me so much of the early pictures of our Littles.

The Stollers recently heard from the doctor that evaluated him that he has some potentially serious health concerns.  Though he was born at a normal birth weight, after three months, he has gained very little weight.  He is eating but not getting the nutrition from it.  Joah is tiny.  After The Littles, tiny babies don't scare me, because, oh, God can bring the growth.  However, what this means is that something isn't working in his little body.  The problem could be as simple as a formula allergy or possibly a more serious diagnosis (there are lots of possibilities).  The agency has committed to running more tests and doing more extensive work into the problem.  If it isn't figured out, little Joah will waste away.

God has recently impressed on my heart the need to BATTLE in prayer, for my family, my friends, even those I don't know. Would you pray with me on behalf of these three families?

1) Pray for Meron's adjustment.  I am sure you can imagine the many hurdles present to changing absolutely everything in the life of a grieving 8-year-old.  

2)Let's praise God for Jon and Beth's referral and for their heart as now they parent in prayer, waiting once again, but this time, with a little face, a name, a precious son they will bring home. The wait gets easier now, but HARDER too. 

3) Another praise for the referral!  Pray for little Joah.  He is sick.  Pray that Jeff and Sarah could wisely advocate on his behalf, they would feel the peace of God and that Joah's health problems would be figured out so that he would grow!

4) There are still so many children waiting for families and families yearning for children.


Rachel said...

So many praises! So exciting. Thanks so much for the update. We are so excited to meet little Meron:)

Sandra said...

do the stollers or jason and joy have blogs?? Would love to read their stories. Is this Jason and Joy Kilgus??

Jon y Amy said...

Yes Sandra, it is the Kilgus! I am unsure of blogs, I don't think so, I know Sarah started one but hasn't updated in a long time.

Sandra said...

Wow....I had no idea J&J were adopting!! How exciting!! I am so happy for them. Makes me even more excited since I know them:). YEAH!!!!
Thanks for filling me in!

Jessica said...

So excited for Joy to bring her Meron home. We've emailed back and forth through her process-can't wait to see that picture.

I'll also be praying for sweet Joah. We are next in line behind the Stollers, so I was so excited to hear about their referral. Praying he will grow strong and healthy.


leah said...

wow--Praise God!

loved this video--i got a little teary-eyed! :) love jon's reaction!

lot's of praisin' & prayin' to do! thanks for sharing!

Holli said...

Oh my that video was so GREAT!!!! Will be kneeing and lifting these children up in prayer!!! And all the children waiting....