Friday, February 17, 2012


In my recent past, when I vocalize frustration to Jon about future transitions, details, life change, he smiles and says, “Ames, this is good training”.  He is right.  Now when I find myself saying something complaining about my transitions/lack of control over circumstances/general chaos that comes from transitions, I sigh as I hear a perky voice in my head, “This will be good training!”. I grimace and just wish I could bask in the glow of my grumpies but I eventually think, “Okay, here goes.”

Lately, the Lord has been showing me His mercy as He is stripping away the flesh and refining me, SLOWLY.  He has been letting me baby step and balk along the journey.  It hit me one day, the way that He has been preparing me in many little ways and, wowza, I am so thankful it hasn’t happened all at once.  Oh, so many more crusty layers He has to clean off and while I am not particularly looking forward to the process, I delight in His thoroughness and His patience.

And just so we don’t have a pictureless post:



Enjoying Grandma’s visitors

133 141

Eating dessert like kitty cats

Valentine's day 082

Sick days in the big girls bed 

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T and M said...

I am encouraged, hearing how you are recognizing God at work ( : When you were talking about Him peeling the layers off, it reminded me of one of my favorite parts of Voyage of the Dawn Treader (book, not the movie) where Aslan has to take off Eustace' dragon skin layer by layer. So painful, but so good. Thanks for the encouragement to keep letting the Lord do His work in our lives...M