Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do You Ever Get So Tired of Looking At Something That You Want to Burn It?

Yeah, that’s where I am at with princess dresses.  Okay, just kidding. sort of.

FIRST thing in the morning, they RUN to the dress up box. I hid the pink dress. It is so tattered and they fight over it.

Shots from BEFORE breakfast.

167 165

Good morning Snow White and Cinderella.

Shots from breakfast:


Snow White loves her oatmeal.


Little J insists she is “Cinderella” and wants a bib so her dress doesn’t get messy.

Immediately after breakfast:


Little A models what Snow White would look like should she ever become a homeless person.

Mama can only put real clothes on them if I assure The Littles, “Okay, we are just going to take it off for a tiny bit to put warm clothes underneath it”. They reluctantly oblige.


Yes, as a matter of fact, their hoods have been up since this picture.  The Littles think having a hood attached must mean we use it!


Anonymous said...

So cute! This is a truth: there will come a day when you will actually miss those princess dresses! 8-) Denise

Rachel said...

Oh my, they are adorable! I love the homeless Snow White picture:)

Sarah said...

Oh my. That is adorable. LOVE the last pic

Sandra said...

enjoy it while it lasts!! I have a feeling that in about a couple years when they are school aged....these might not be so "cool". I know I have no clue about girls and dresses, but I have to say it sure would be fun to be in your spot right now. (I think:))

Anonymous said...

They are adorable!

Q said...

I love this stage! Beri, at this stage wore a swim suit ALL THE TIME! Atleast when people come to your door you don't have to run and cover the girls up. I agree with the other statements, you will miss this. - Suzy

Wee said...

This made me smile....brought back sweet memories of my own girls doing this! Love it!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

We both got a tickle from the homeless Snow White.