Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Down For The Count

Thanks for everyone’s advice on potty training.  Tricia’s comment on my last post cracked me up entirely.

Do you remember this? If not, click here…

3-30 098[3]

Is this potty training mess truly my just reward?  ;)

Today 3 out of 5 of our household were sick.  Little J joined the party about noon. My health has held strong although dealing with smelly body fluids about did me in several times. I decided I am glad we are not potty training during this time of lots of mess. 


As much as Jon wanted to not be sick, I don’t think he minded all the snuggles!  ;)

Here’s to a better tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Aw bummer! Prayers for a healthier tomorrow! :)

Rachel said...

So sad...we've been experiencing it, too. Hope you stay healthy!!