Friday, February 10, 2012

What’s Been On My Mind

I know you are all dying of suspense to know my thoughts.  ;)

I love to read and am heavily influenced by books. I have read or reread a few lately and just thought I would pass on some of my recommended.


My #1 recommendation for parents raising or considering getting involved with “children of trauma”


A wonderful and funny look at heart-oriented discipline.


Be inspired by this man’s testimony within the persecuted church in China.


Haven’t read this one yet.  Stop everything and read it.


Wow.  A book about economics that is funny and fascinating and I believe a MUST READ for Christians working among the poor/orphaned/oppressed/widowed.


Be blessed through one woman’s example of loving as Jesus loves.


A gripping (at times graphic) account of some need to know information about human trafficking and the plight of people in Sudan.

Recent Kid’s favorites:


An amazing Bible story book for kiddos and adults!  From creation, the author does a masterful job of weaving together the Bible as ONE story, HIS story. 


The Littles current favorite book. Such a powerful lesson presented in an impactful way for littles.

Next on my list: Re-reading my favorite marriage book:


And then hopefully: (does anyone local have a copy I could borrow?)

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What books would you recommend?


Sarah said...

Reading Radical right now (FINALLY) and loving it more than probably any book I've ever read.

Thanks for the Bible story books you recommended. I feel like Emitt is very much drawn to "intense" and professional illustrations. That Frances Chan book looks like one he'd like.

Mindy said...

I don't have copy of 7 - I am borrowing one, BUT i just have to say that I am LOVING it! I love the challenges it presents! And it is SO funny - I am constantly laughing as I read the book!

Vanessa at Lynn David said...

Ah, I am a book lover too. I just finished Love and Respect...which landed on my top 3 most life changing books list. I got Radical as a gift at Christmas (it's up next) and am going to be borrowing 7 as soon as a friend is finished with it! I will have to add some of these other books to my list as well! Happy reading!

Jessica said...

Love and Respect also changed our lives! Love, love, love. I've heard a lot about the others but don't have them...And my 2012 list is full. ;) Maybe 2013?

By the way, I bought Adalynn a book today that made me think of your girls...It is called Princess Stories (probably for when they are a little older) but it relates women in the bible to being princesses and teaches about each woman. I know you girls like princesses. :)

T and M said...

thanks for the recommendations! I love a good book review post. I took your advice at potluck & nabbed "When helping hurts" for my next vacation read, and now I think i want to re-read "Don't make me count to 3" too.

Kyle and Trish said...

Readin, When Helping Hurts right now, so so highly recommended to anyone interested in ministry (or giving, or anything for that matter!)

Anonymous said...

I just finished A Hole in Our Gospel. WOW!!! A must-read for any Christian.


emilykate said...

Interested in some of your suggestions, thanks! I have cold tangerines and would love to loan it to you if you'd like!

Unknown said...

I have one thousand gifts that I would love to lend you!! It would give us a reason to get together after all of these years! lol