Monday, March 19, 2012

$7 for our 7th

Jessica and I, though we haven’t meant, are forever bonded.  We were both bringing our first kids home from Ethiopia at the same time, lots of e-mails back and forth, following each other’s blogs, etc.


I just love this family and their hearts. After adding two kids to their family from Ethiopia, they felt God’s nudge to bring another girl home off a waiting child list and a short while later, they were a family of 8.  Now, God has made it clear that they have room for one more.

Because of unexpected expenses that have popped up in their life, their adoption fund for baby #7 has dwindled but they know that God always provides, but not always in expected, well-planned ways. 

They are asking for people to contribute, $7 for their 7th child to offset the cost.

Follow this link to read their story and to be a part of changing the world for one orphaned child and one family.

or visit their blog at

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Heidi said...

Your awesome! love how adoption has built all our friendships!
Praying for your journey too .. would love an update!