Thursday, March 29, 2012


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Grandma’s house has lots of outdoor space to run and play.  Since it is also far away from the road, an idea crossed my mind…”Jon, what do you think about getting the girls kittens?”. I was thinking along the lines of providing the girls warm, fuzzy moments that I experienced as a child. Since I haven’t seen many cats in Ethiopia, I thought this summer would be perfect and maybe the only chance for the girls to have kitties for a long while. Jon was completely on board for this idea (of course…in case you haven’t noticed, he is almost up for everything).

I felt a familiar pang in my heart.  The same one I get while watching the girls play with cousins and friends, seeing their delight over visiting a grandparent or hearing their sweet little voices announce, “my church!” when the lovely body of Christ where we fellowship comes into view.  I am thankful but there is also this deep, bittersweet ache. Living close to my family has brought many joys and also deepens relationships with The Littles and the “normal” I thought my children would have.

“Hmm, Babe, I changed my mind about the kitties.  I don’t want The Littles to have more thing that breaks their hearts when they have to leave it.”

Jon reminded me of the fact that this year living here was an unexpected and highly unplanned blessing.  He mentioned a few things like, “Do you think that stopping all experiences for a year and just being on hold is the right thing?” Humpf. I am so thankful that God has given us this year to deepen relationships.  I know that Jon and I, we’ll be okay.  We are older and know that God has called us to make this decision, for our family too.  It is going to hurt when we leave and The Littles can’t grasp why we are leaving everything and going to a land where they don’t understand the language and don’t even like the food (completely Americanized food choices…working on it).

But it’s okay.  God is good.  Here, there, everywhere.

Yesterday, to the delight of The Littles, we got our first kittens.

kitties 599

kitties 602

kitties 607

kitties 618 kitties 632

Meet Purr and Meow

I think our year 2012 will be full of sweet memories.

And it’s gonna be okay.


Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures! We'll be praying for you guys! ~Dan & Cait

Jessica said...

So sweet!

Rachel said...

I have so many of the same feelings, Amy. We really want to hang out with you guys this summer. It will be so good to catch up with you guys! Love you!

ethiopix said...

Beautiful reaction!