Monday, March 5, 2012


We loaded up and told The Littles that we were going to see Selah and Finn and go to a waterpark.  We must have talked it up big time because every time we stopped (for gas, for lunch and at a shop), The Littles cried because it wasn’t the “watapauck”.

Six hours later…

Waterpark 006

We made it! Giddy with excitement.

Waterpark 017

We were so glad to have time with Tadd, Jill and kiddos.

Waterpark 031

Waterpark 034

Waterpark 053

Snuggled up watching Mickey.

Waterpark 068

The Littles found the television across the lobby as they waited for the breakfast restaurant to open.  Yes, they were up crazy early both days with the time change and all of us in one room, we didn’t spend much time sleeping!

Waterpark 079

Waterpark 082

Waterpark 022

Floating down the lazy river.


The Littles can’t wait to do it again.

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Joy said...

Looks like fun! So was this at Key Lime Cove in Gurnee, IL? If that's where you went we live 5 minutes from there! Wish we would have known you were coming, we could have stopped by! Guess we will see you in church now though:) Our first Sunday in Leo is March 25th.