Saturday, March 31, 2012

"7" Winner

Wowza.  Your response was incredible here.  I am praising God and so thankful that many of you are interested in reading and possibly participating.  It is funny, when I started the book, I thought, "No way would I ever do this." I finished the book and thought, "Wow, hope someday I will have the grace to do this." And now I have publicly declared  "I'm doing it".  Too late to back out. Looks like God has given me the grace. :) 

Even if you didn't win, remember, you can get a copy of 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess(cheapest I have found is at If you just want to read and don't want to commit, no problem.

We will start on May 1st. To the women who have already committed, I will send an e-mail soon.

Winner: Tara Reinhard! Tara, I will get it to you!

And here is Little A with a sheet of stickers, all on her face...

Many, Many Blessings,


Anonymous said...

Thanks Amy! Your mom told me at church that I won and I am SO excited. Grayson and I have been talking about getting this book quite a bit lately. We need to read it together first, but may join you on your journey. Thanks again.

Ashley Baner said...

I read this book last month and I thought of you!! It seemed like something you would like and I don't even know you that well. Super convicting, huh? I have thought about it several times and don't know if I could have actually done what she did. She did have the advantage in the buying local...unfortunately around here that would be VERY difficult. I am adding a garden this year and have been using what I have instead of buy new or making something instead of eating leftovers for the third time. :( Jen is so funny and I have decided that we could be great friends. I even fb her. Pathetic I know...she did it to herself...she said to in the book. :) Now I want to read her other ones but they don't have them in our library system so I might have to venture over to CBD!