Wednesday, March 21, 2012


March 22, 2012 is World Water Day.

(And Happy Birthday Jeff!)

My babies have been sick.  Virus plus ear infections.  High fevers in the night. Hence the reason I am inside blogging and not outside.
Yuck.  I can start feeling sorry for myself in this situation, especially when I am cleaning up puke.

Last night as I lay beside Little J, waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in as I listened to her fast, shallow breaths because of her fever. "Water", she panted. She got as much as she wanted.
The doctor says they don't need to eat, just make sure they stay hydrated.

I looked down at her face, beaded in sweat and thought about the many times I have read about women without access to clean drinking water, who have children die because of fever.  The water makes the babies sick and have fevers. They have diahrrea and dehydrate and are given more unclean water, the cycle continues and the child dies.

Worldwide, every 20 seconds a child dies from water related problems. Woah.

This short video creatively portrays a great perspective.

It's time we get involved (and sidenote also getting a little "greener" with my water consumption).  I haven't researched enough to give a list of organizations I stand behind.

"Christianity Today" rates bringing clean water to a village as the most effective use of donated dollars. Read the thought provoking article here. (Thanks Drew!)

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Vanessa at Lynn David said...

It sounds like we were doing exactly the same thing last night. I was waiting for the tylenol to do it's thing at 1am, holding and rocking her through whimpers and "panting", and thinking that this would probably be a death sentence for some. Thanks for this post and the perspective. I hope your sweet ones are feeling better. Luckily for mine it was bacterial, so antibiotics are to the rescue! (another thing to be SO grateful for!)