Thursday, March 15, 2012

Survival Skills

Because we are moving to Ethiopia, it is high time that I teach the girls some (maybe all) the survival skills I know. Like…hmm…making cereal necklaces in case we get too hungry on the way to the mailbox.

404 412

The Littles thought Mama was genius.


Whew!  The lane is long (ish) and The Littles dawdled, so I continued walking , leaving them to eat their necklaces in peace.


I came around the curve to find them both sitting in the only puddle in the driveway, at least no one was hungry. Too bad “Froot Loops” won’t be easy to find in Ethiopia. :)


T and M said...

Leave it to toddlers to find the only puddle in the lane. I love their expressions here!

Kristen said...

Oh, I am SO excited to see them this weekend! These pics are hilarious. Glad to know that you guys aren't going hungry....

Wee said...

I love it that they are both sitting in the same puddle! Simply adorable!

Holli said...

What!!!??? Moving to ET??? When???? Where??? Ok so I don't need to ask why!:-) so exciting!!!!!!!!! Now to go read the post/s I have missed!!!!! Praying for you all!!!! Think you need a stop in France along the way!!!!