Monday, March 19, 2012

And Two Became One

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I am currently sorting through wedding pictures and “aah”, long contented sigh.  It was lovely and joy-filled.  The weather was perfect, Kristen was gorgeous and Nick was a dashing groom. 

Our weekend started with an evening out with Kristen and the bridesmaids with pictures the following morning. I went early to help Kris and Jon was going to bring The Littles. After hearing that he had completely lost track of time, I may have been was impatient with him and said, “just get here and get The Littles dressed in the parking garage!".  A short while later after realizing the pictures were running behind and feeling very convicted that I lashed out at Jon, I called him back, apologized and said to bring the girls downtown and I would help get them dressed.

They parked in a parking garage about five blocks away and I was waiting for them to come.  I saw something odd in the crosswalk, two toddlers in only diapers crossing the street, holding their daddy’s hand.  GASP…oh wait, those were my toddlers and hubby, in a large city.

Nick & Kris' Wedding 119

Me: Hi babe, umm…what happened?

Jon: You told me to take off their clothes and bring them to the courthouse!

A very funny miscommunication.  We dressed them immediately as I prayed no one had seen the odd sight and called DCS.

  I must sign off because I have a load of papers to go through as I pushed everything possible until “after the wedding”.

One picture I took from Jenna Stoller from Patch 36 Photography to get us started



Christen Leigh said...

Hehehe...this still makes me smile! I hope your night is going well-- I am thinking of you with our men heading into this busy season. :) Love ya!

Janell said...

Cute! And can't wait to see wedding pics.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bob, Martha, and I just laughed and laughed. Jon's face is priceless walking with his diapered daughter's on the streets of downtown Ft Wayne. I really enjoy your Blog and check it often to see what's going on with "The Littles"! Agree with you that Kristen and Nick are a great looking couple. Love you all
Aunt Arlene