Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tender Hearts

The Littles started on their trikes.


They worked together to fix the flag…


But because their feet don’t reach the pedals and they only know how to go backwards, it doesn’t take long to get distracted.


Little A found the figurine on the porch and instantly declared her “sad”. “She needs a daddi-o!”.

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Little J, a complete care bear with a very sensitive heart quickly joined in bringing comfort to the girl of stone while Little A, my action child, called daddy to let him know that someone was in need of his “lovin’s”.

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Much to the sadness of The Littles (all three of them), Daddy couldn’t come home yet. The Littles reassured the statue in sweet, quiet voices, “It’s okay, daddi-o is coming home.”.


As my lover, Little J, stayed close to the statue, my “life is a party” child was bored and decided to shake things up a bit.


Something I often pray for The Littles is that they would see others as Christ does, treating everyone with love and kindness.  I rejoice in the ways I see them have a heart for “sad people” around them, even if that person happens to have a heart of stone. :)


Sarah said...

this post is a winner. adorable!

Mindy said...

SO precious!

Sandra said...

simply adorable!!

L, An and boys said...

Oh My word...that is the cutest thing ever. Print some of those pictures so you never forget it. =)


leah said...

this is just adorable! i wanted to cry & laugh at the same time--love how you describe their personalities!

Anonymous said...

God Bless them!

erica said...

They are so stinkin cute!!! :)

Justin & Sarah said...

This is so, so sweet!!