Monday, March 25, 2013

Blessings In This Weird Limbo Land

This past summer, Phil and Steph shared the wonderful news that they were expecting their first child. We were thrilled for them and the news…

Knochel's Day 3 408

Conversation swirled around me about due dates and stories of early pregnancy nausea and I realized that we would be in Ethiopia before the baby was born. Biting my lip to get through the moment without crying, I thought, “I hope baby is born early!”

After a few months, we heard the news, it was twins.

Our timeline for leaving for overseas has shifted and changed and we learned about a training that would hold us in the US until May. I am a heart divided. There is the part of me that just wants to get there, start our life there, see what God is going to do after our several years of seeking His direction, so anticipating our new life. In our trainings, we learn about how difficult the first few years are and how much stress we will be under. Let’s just rip the band-aid off! Yet, here we sit, in this weird limbo-land, waiting on work permits, slowly putting things in suitcases, realizing, this may be the last snow I see in years (although I have had that thought about four too many times! Come on Spring!) and soaking up the sweetness of each moment that can be enjoyed with family, community, church and friends, never wanting to leave.

At Christmas time, the genders were revealed, two boys.

Look who we were able to welcome to the world.

Phil and Steph's Twins 014

Jordan and Seth. Two precious nephews.

Phil and Steph's Twins 035

Phil and Steph's Twins 032

They are intricately perfect.

Phil and Steph's Twins 051 

Phil and Steph's Twins 064

Praising God with you Phil and Steph and so glad we are here. It makes all these changing plans worth it.


Sandra said...

oh they are adorable!! They live 3 miles down the road and I am so very anxious to meet them and hold them. Just can not wait to take my meal to them in 2 weeks. LOVE!!!

Sarah said...

They are beautiful! I love the pic of the twins holding the twins :)

Love your honesty - your posts make me want to bawl. Which is good so we can all get a glimpse of your journey.

emilykate said...

I was going to say the same thing Sarah said, love the photo of twins holding twins. Beautiful babies (and girls!).

Mindy said...

I echo both of Sarah's thoughts. Beautiful boys and my heart is feeling bittersweet with yours. I want to reach through the screen and give you a hug!

smw said...

seeing these pics of phil and steph holding their boys makes me teared up. fun that you got to visit!

teresa said...

Thanking God and rejoicing with Phil & Steph and their families. So thankful that their precious twin sons are here. Glad you were able to meet them. So sweet to see them being held by your precious twin daughters. God bless.