Friday, March 22, 2013


We have a jump on Easter, already celebrating with two families! 

Easter Eggs 012

The Littles have been spoiled to the joys of Easter baskets and egg hunts.  We are trying to teach the reason behind Easter. I thought we were getting it. While driving down the road I quizzed the Littles, “What do we celebrate at Easter?” Little A responded, “Umm…Christmas?” 

Easter eggs 1016 

What? You mean there is candy inside these eggs?!

Easter Eggs 026

I tried to bake the eggs based on a trick online, I wasn’t totally impressed and probably won’t do it again.

Easter Eggs 034

Easter Eggs 032

Easter Eggs 054

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smw said...

glad to know the eggs in the oven trick didn't work. kept thinking i should try it.