Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Procrastination and Flips…

On our SIM training track, along with books to read and trainings to attend, we also saw we have online Bible classes to take through Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.  No problem. 

Last week I decided we should attack this part of the training, I have more classes to take than Jon (8 for me, 5 for him). As I started exploring, I counted how many lectures I need to listen to over the next several months before we leave. 102 lectures.  Oops. Definitely regretting the procrastination now.

Onto the post:

We are blessed with twin hand-me-downs. Amazing, huh?  When we tear into a new box, The Littles act like it is Christmas! Maya and Sofia, thanks for your generosity.

When they realized there were hearts on their new tights, they took turns bending over so sister could see the heart. It also started a “flipping” party (Little J flips, Little A flops to the side).




It reminded me so much of this moment almost two years ago now.


Makes me a bit nostalgic for our little, red house and life as it was…normal…

No time to sit and think about this I guess, too much to learn, onto another lecture!

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Sarah said...

oh yikes. 102?!?!