Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Sweet baby girl was born near the beginning of our training in Colorado and we finally made the trip to meet her!  The day trip, though way to quick, was wonderful to catch up with family.

Olive 1014

Olive 1021 

Olive 1039

Olive 1022

Will holding a newborn be enough to cure Jon’s baby fever?

Leo woke up with just a bit of bed head. :)

The Littles had a bit of time to play with Charlie and Leo, not enough according to them.

Olive 1058

They graciously shared their jeep…

Olive 1054

Much to Little J’s delight.

Before we rushed off, we tried to get a picture of the kiddos.

Notice the transformation…

Olive 1071

Begging for smiles with little success.

Olive 1073

Then using some bribery positive reinforcement of chocolate if they smiled.

Olive 1079

Little J wanted to do all she could to get that treat.

Olive 1090

Hmm. Not sure what to do with a baby added in the grouping.

So fun to experience the blessings of nieces and nephews.

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smw said...

so much cuteness!