Friday, March 29, 2013

Learning To Drive (Again)

Remember my “pre-missionary” list of skills to acquire?  Well happy Friday to me.

I have a mental block regarding me and any piece machinery.

Driving a stick shift is something I avoided my whole life (even growing up on a farm).

While living in Mexico, I did learn a bit…


Driving a Manual 055

Here we go!

Driving a Manual 006a

It may have been a bit overdramatic and possibly fed into my fear that I cannot learn to drive!

Driving a Manual 018

(CVE peeps, I love you!)

Okay, onto today.

Stick Shift 013

This morning, Jon, The Littles and I spent some time on the open country roads.

It was surprisingly fun, although still a long way from perfection, I am no longer immobilized. We didn’t even need neck braces. Although The Littles yell from the backseat encouraging words like, “We are tubing! Aah! Hold onto the rope!”


Matt and Kristi said...

Nice job Amy! You'll have to convince Kristi that it's not all that intimidating - nothing to be afraid of! :) Learning to drive a manual is on her list of pre-field training requirements!

Danielle said...

Amy & Kristi, it's really not that bad :) I decided when I bought my first car that I wanted a stick shift. I drove my automatic about 8 hours north to pick up my brand new car and then forced myself to figure it out all the way home! What an experience (and I don't necessarily recommend it) but after side streets, freeway, traffic and lots of encouragement from my best friend, I now love it and find it weird to drive an automatic! You guys can do it!!

Jarrin :: Raquel :: Rocky said...

pretty sure there are still quite a few of us that can't drive stick here! lol limon actually started giving me stick lessons but i couldn't ever perfect what he taught me in the first lesson so it was pointless to move on to lesson 2! haha :-]