Thursday, August 29, 2013

Working With What We've Got Part II

Jon came out, Little A nowhere in sight. We had plans of a family walk combined with language practice. 

He spun around and said, "We could spend $100 bucks on another kid carrier or just use what we already have!"

Image 7

Between my hysterical laughter and picture-taking, we chatted with our neighbor. While waiting to walk, LIttle A decided Mama's carrier with Little J looked a tad more comfortable. Jon said I ruined it…something about my laughing at them. Come on, how could I see this scene and not laugh?!

After we walked for awhile, with Little A on Jon's shoulders, back pack empty on his back, Little J, our daring child, decided to graciously switch spots with her sister, she wanted to try the pack. 

Image 8

 She used it as a standing platform, chatting to Jon along the way. She occasionally turtled down...

Image 10

And then would get bored and pop back up to talk some more.Image 9

Please keep in mind, we are already a spectacle on the streets because we are farenj, white skin completely sticking out. We were getting plenty of comments and congratulations on my carrying a child, "Ethiopian style".  

Then add an identical little Ethiopian girl popping unexpectedly out of Jon's backpack, chattering in English, oblivious to the shock she was causing.  I am surprised we didn't cause an accident. 

 Hilarious. We will do this again so we can video the reactions. 



Kristen Hoerr said...

I love your spirit of adventure!!

Matt and Kristi said...

Love it! What do you use for a "real" kid carrier? We are bringing my moby wrap and a newer one that was a gift, a Boba carrier. We can actually carry Charlotte on our backs with the Boba, though her long legs look a little silly!

Anonymous said...

LOL that is so funny!! Pat

Mindy said...

SOOOO funny!!!

ethiopix said...

You guys are amazing parents! :)
God Bless You

J and A said...

Love it! ... Although my baby didn't appreciate it as he was napping in my arms when I saw the picture and laughed. :)
Can't wait to see the video of the reactions to your resourcefulness!

Rachel said...

I love that! We will have to try it sometime :) Can't wait to see that video!

Justin & Sarah said...

This totally brightened my day!! :)

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Funny funny funny! Good creativity Jon.

Christen Leigh said...

Hehe this is great! :)