Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Ball and A Stick

With a dramatic increase in Amharic since this summer, Jon and I prayed to have significantly less miscommunications. This lasted until our first morning in Injibara. The night we arrived, Yeshwas had told us that on Christmas day, in the pasture, everyone plays a game with a ball and a stick. Jon, glad he could understand those words got out of the attic a bin of baseball supplies and bright and early Christmas morning, the crowd of kids was organized into baseball teams. 

He was surprised at the lack of understanding of the game if this was truly a yearly highlight for them. Nevermind, we press on. 

IMG 8724

And amidst the animals, it was a great game of ball.

IMG 8732

IMG 8741

Fielding is way more interesting amongst the herd.

IMG 8742

IMG 8749

IMG 8751

And this little sweetie showed up, wearing her traditional clothes for the festivities.

We went into town for a lunch and passed this...

IMG 8781

We were stopped by these boys, who showed us their game, the one they always play on Christmas day. The one played with sticks and a ball. It’s “Christmas Ball”.IMG 8773

It dawned on Jon first. “Oooohh. So this is the game they play with a stick and a ball on Christmas”. 

IMG 8774

We went back home and asked our friends why they didn’t correct us. We were assured baseball is fun and now it was time for Gena Kwas.

IMG 8809

Ah. So clear in hindsight. 

IMG 8799

Now we know the game played on Christmas with a ball and a stick.




Kristi said...

I can't wait to find out what game is played next Christmas! haha!

MJgerst said...

Love it! Jon needs to teach them how to properly hold a baseball bat!! ;-) Next Year, not to take away from tradition, but I definitely vote for more Baseball. :)


Mindy said...

so funny! I love the picture of the outfield with them catching the ball among the herd!

J and A said...

This had me laughing- thanks for sharing! :) I think Jon did pretty good with his Amharic if he was able to teach them even the fundamental basics of baseball!