Sunday, January 5, 2014

In Hot Water

As mentioned in Saturday’s post, we spent the last week in Sodere. 

Walking into the bathroom, do you notice anything that is a bummer?

IMG 8594

Do you see what concerned me? One knob on the shower and the sink. That usually means that cold water is the only option. 

However, this was completely not the case here. We had heard the pool was filled by a hot spring (and I mean really hot).

IMG 8599

And it was glorious. Monday, they filled it. Tuesday it was like swimming in a steaming hot tub. Everyone in the pool had to take breaks to cool off.

Wednesday was like swimming in a giant bathtub and through the week, it gradually cooled off. They drain it every Sunday and fill it every Monday. There are no chemicals, which is really nice.

IMG 1251

Here comes the crazy part. The pool wasn’t the only thing filled by the hot spring. 

That one knob in the shower, you guessed it, out poured water sometimes so hot, I had to dart through. 

The weirdest part of all, the toilet was filled with the same water. I have never had that experience before but we all tried to minimize our time sitting on our sauna toilet. It was comical watching The Littles experience it.  the worst part definitely was when the water was shut off and then anything in the toilet was steamed to a smelly perfection. Ha!  We only had to have that once before we filled containers to immediately bucket flush should the need arise. :)

 I hope you all get to experience this someday. Maybe add it to your bucket list. :)


Nichole said...

with the temperatures here supposed to be in the negatives for the next several days, those hot springs sound wonderful! so glad for you to have a hot shower too :)

Rachel said...

Ha! What an interesting experience!! Loved reading about it :) And the pool sounds awesome...I love hot tubs :) Glad the littles could go swimming!!

Christen Leigh said...

Haha so weird! That pool is looking glorious right about now....

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