Saturday, January 4, 2014

Spiritual Life Cruise

Whew, SIM’s SLC was amazing!  It wasn’t really a cruise. It was actually held at an old hotel with water about half the time but the organizers did an amazing job and marketed it to us as if we were on a cruise ship, even having us report to certain “decks” for activities. 

Thanks for praying for our spiritual refreshment. We heard many wonderful messages from this man of God, Crawford Lorritts. 

IMG 8413

You guys, it was so encouraging and convicting!

I’ll break it up into a few chunks but will try to go fast. We leave on Monday for a week in Injibara (Driving on Monday and Saturday if you are interested in praying for our safety. :))

Each day The Littles had kid’s activities that a short-term team from the states facilitated. 

IMG 8407

Contrary to J’s face in this picture, they loved their class.

IMG 8431

Jon had the opportunity to help with daily worship. This is not a picture from worship but from a variety show. 

IMG 8516

The last night I was in SIM the Musical...

The Littles started each day with...

IMG 1223


IMG 1239

and coffee. Lots of coffee.

The coolest thing of all though, was the people we met and got to hang with. Running upstairs one day, I passed a meeting of a large team that was evacuated from their sight about two months ago and are preparing to re-enter, in every nook and cranny there were small groups of people pouring out their hearts.  Another flight of stairs up, there was the meeting of a small team strategizing how to get the Bible translated for the people group they serve. On the way back down, I stopped to chat with a man who knows seven languages and helicopters into remote locations and who humbly said, “God has allowed me to bring tens of thousands of people to know the Lord”.  And people were real and even though the glamour of this “adventurous” lifestyle has completely worn off, the power of the Gospel and His redemption has not. Listening to testimonies of how God has moved, even in the worst and weakest, I was left with this question of, “Why do I get this privilege? To serve here, to be discipled by people like this, to live here and learn to love Christ and have Him be more and more my sufficiency?"




Sarah said...

so cool Amy! thanks for sharing

Amber Steffen said...

That's awesome, Amy. Sounds like a powerful time. Isn't it so encouraging to be surrounded by brothers and sisters sacrificing for the Gospel? Praying for you guys, and hope this is a great start to 2014!

emilykate said...

So cool. Glad you guys could have this time!