Monday, January 27, 2014

The Harvest

You may have guessed, but our internet has been very difficult for the past several weeks. There are several theories as to why and I choose the one that means this will end soon and I will be back.

It’s been a full two weeks, maybe the lack of internet has spared me from spilling my soul to the whole world as my emotions have also been roller coastering on a myriad of subjects. :)

I apologize to e-mails that I haven’t responded to, e-mails come in and out at their own, indecipherable will.


Maybe it’s the ag background Jon and I have or maybe just because it’s amazing to anyone. While driving a few weeks ago, it was harvest time and fascinating to watch. Jon’s the driver but also the one in the relationship who wants a picture of everything. I feel like I have enough to manage with the kids, food, toys, books and my extremely necessary duty of being a watcher or just gasper whenever an animal, person or vehicle gets close in our path (Yes, Jon appreciates my role in this very much. Okay, he’d be fine if I didn’t do that). However, as we are driving, Jon says, “Wow, will you take a picture of that?” And I do a deep sigh and turn around for the 3,241st time and dig around behind the seat for the camera. 

IMG 8639

IMG 8821

IMG 8842

IMG 8848

But he’s right, the pictures are worth it. :)

IMG 8651

And this pictures shows the sad realities of deforestation. I have never before had such the urge to dedicate my life to planting tree seeds. 




Todd ~ Teresa said...

Those pictures are very interesting. Looks like they've done that before.

emilykate said...

Wow, great photos. And so sad about all the trees.

Anonymous said...

thanks for obliging Jon and reaching for the camera; those harvesting pictures are beautiful and so interesting.