Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Timkat'ed In...

We missed the chance to be snowed in, but the Ethiopian holiday, Timkat (celebration of the Epiphany, read more about it on Wikipedia) provided the snowed in experience.

From all reports, no one was supposed to drive from midday Saturday through Sunday afternoon. We’d heard that a processional would march with replicas of the ark of the covenant to and from different Orthodox churches. Although a bit fuzzy on the details, we went out to wait on our street to witness the parade pass.

IMG 8912

There are hours of marching and the models of the arks of the covenant are carried by priests, who walk on red carpet the entire way. As they pass, the carpets are rolled, loaded into trucks and then moved in front of the process. From what I could tell, there seemed to be three long carpets.

IMG 8913

These men had a big job.

And we didn’t have to wait much longer for this scene to come around the corner.

IMG 8919

Thousands of people poured out from every crevice. As the crowds passed, many of the spectators joined the processional, walking to the church. 

IMG 8937

Okay, don’t just use your eyes to imagine this, imagine the sound of drums, dancing, chanting, singing and festivity that hung in every inch of air.

IMG 8946

It was mesmerizing.

IMG 8952

And beautiful.

IMG 8961

And the buzz grew as the models of the ark drew nearer.

IMG 8969

And this is about when the police plus the throngs of marchers moved us along the wall.

As the arks passed, there were men, rolling up the carpet behind them.

IMG 8988

Videos to come...





Jessica said...

We were in Ethiopia for Timkat for our first adoption. It was a spectacular treat to witness!

Mindy said...


Sarah said...

So cool!

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Anonymous said...

This looks exciting. Look forward to the videos.


Daveana said...

One of my favorite memories from Ethiopia is Timkat!