Sunday, January 12, 2014

They're Gonna Feel This One...

Lately my posts have had a heavy vibe. Sorry, I’ll lighten it up tomorrow.

We say goodbye on Wednesday to the Florek family. Yes, the one that we hung out with in North Carolina at our SIMGo class. Our kids hit it off then.

120 3

Charlotte celebrated The Littles 3rd birthday with them, at an Ethiopian restaurant too.

IMG 6174

And while the parents went off to language school every day, the the girls spent every moment together. 

IMG 7571

Trekking into many new adventures...

IMG 7595

We are so glad that their ministry “down country” can begin and can’t wait to hear stories of how God blesses them in it.

IMG 5423

It’s just going to be another change. 

IMG 3228

And the girls are going to feel it. 

IMG 0627

But we’ve all been blessed with such a sweet time.

IMG 6323

IMG 6550

We all will miss them. 

IMG 7716

Can you pray for the Florek’s as they transition to a new home and all the kids as they walk the path of goodbyes?


Sarah said...

Oh wow. this is HARD. Love and prayers!

Britni said...

praying! For both them and you as you watch them go.