Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mothering The Monkeys

Conversations I’ve recently overhead between the girls and the animals. I don’t remember who was saying what so these are my best guesses.

(As two monkeys wrestled on the balcony.)

J: Hey, hey! Are you loving each other? 

(Monkeys continue to squabble)

J: You aren’t loving each other!

A: (To a third uninvolved monkey) Will you go over there and tell them they need to treat each other with kindness?

IMG 8592

If you’ve read long enough, you’ve probably observed a pattern, The Littles spend large chunks of everyday working on their culinary skills in the dirt. They can’t bring dirt in the apartment so they other day I walk out to this scene.

A: (Softly and sweetly) Okay, just open your mouth and eat what Mama made you. 

Turtles head retreats further into it’s shell.

A: Don’t go away from me. Come out and eat your food, it’s yummy!

IMG 8619

And lucky for the girls, not so lucky for the turtle, it has zero chance at a quick retreat. 



Rachel said...

Lol! Amy, your girls are so hilarious and so creative :) And so so so cute! And we have been praying for you guys. Love you so much!

Mindy said...

So funny! I love it!

Britni said...

HeheHEE. I LOVE the turtle story! Your girls are so sweet, and AWESOME!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Thsi is the kind of life we see only in zoo's and it's in your back yard!

Justin Ooms said...

Oh my goodness!! How precious!!!