Friday, March 19, 2010

"Best Vaccines I've Ever Had".

I am just realizing how this blog has become like therapy for me.  I can write and write about lots of adoption details.  I get it all out and if you get bored, you can stop reading and I don't even know it! 

The Vaccines
Yesterday we had to get vaccinated for:
Yellow Fever
Hep A&B
Polio Booster.

I am very scared of needles. Jon doesn't like them, but we determined, I am more scared of them. Like sick stomach, sweaty palms and feet when I think about needles entering my body. Like, I would rather face a pack of roaming, Mexican dogs, than needles...oh wait.  I have a greater chance of living facing a needle than the dogs, so I take that back. 

All of this to say, we had about a 45 minute drive and conversations kept circling back to shots feeling like they hit the bone.  We arrived with our cash, realized we were missing some information, but the nurses were gracious.

They called us back and we both sat down, making dumb, nervous jokes.  I told them I was scared, all of the sudden, Jon and I each had our own nurse, they told me not to look and they went to town.  I am not kidding, I think my nurse was done in under a minute. 

We were so giddy to be done.
The nurses gave us stickers and a suckers.We made statements like, "Hands-down, best shots I have ever had", and we gushed over the nurses.  (***Only funny to my family, but statements like, "these are the biggest glasses I have ever seen!***)

The incredible nurses.  We were so relieved.
I am holding my "brick of gold" ie, proof of yellow fever vaccine.  It must go in our passports.
Victorious over vaccines!

Hope you all have great, vaccine-free weekends! 


Minders said...

lol - you seriously crack me up! Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment! :)

Jennifer M said...

Love your posts! This one cracked me up!

Kristen said...

Oh, all these years and I'm still embarrased of you. I just hope you didn't ask for the leftovers. ;) J/K - you know I'm not embarrassed. I find it endearing now. :) I love how you and Jon can make a party out of every situation. Jada and Adia do not know what they are in for!

Love ya,

Jennifer said...

Thanks. I guess reading this today let me know I might survive mine. I plan to go in early August when I am off work for a week to get them done and over with. They have been looming since I started the paperchase. Bawk Bawk.. big chicken here. I wish I could get your nurses to give me mine. I was sweating like crazy waiting for the t.b. test.rofl