Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Caretaker Mehret

In the Mekele Care Center, Jon and I have consistently noticed one caretaker, we figured out her name is Mehret.  She is in a lot of the pictures with the girls, they appear to make good eye-contact with her and Mehret seems to exude joy, even through pictures.

When we visit Mekele, we can't wait to hug Mehret, thank her and hug her again.  Jada and Adia were just moved to Addis Ababa, but in this last set of pictures from one of the IAG mom's, a day or two before the girls' move, we received pictures that make our hearts rejoice! 

For the girls' first 4 months of life, this woman was incredibly instrumental.  We are so glad to have their relationship in a few photos, that we can show the girls. 


Justin & Sarah said...

Every time I go on your blog I end up crying. Tears of joy of course! :) I just love seeing God answer our every prayer!! I also really enjoyed hearing the "adoption story" at the shower. I could listen to it over and over and over again... I love how you will have such easy access to share the gospel with others - for the rest of your life!! :)

Kristen said...

Beautiful pics, Ames. I love to see the joy on Mehret's face.

Gardner's said...

hey amy, we are so happy and excited for you & jon. We will keep you all in our prayers!!!

JJ said...

We met Mehret the end of Jan. when we went to Mekele and took all those pictures and held your beautiful girls. You will LOVE Mehret. Even though you won't speak her language, you'll just understand each other and instantly have a mutual respect for each other. She is so sweet. She was always with your girls when we were there too. Our kids both LOVE Mehret and talk about her often. I can't wait to see the pictures of your trip.