Thursday, March 25, 2010

Straight Hair?

This is Jada.  She seems to have had more hair shaved than Adia, but it also seems what she has left is thicker.
I have been suprised to notice their hair looks straight.  I read that Ethiopian kids' hair continues to get curlier until the age of two.  What do you think?  Will the girls have straight hair?


Jennifer M said...

My little guy had straight hair until about 6-7 months. Then some of it started to slowly get curly. At 15 months, the wisps that frame his face are still straight, but the top and sides are VERY curly (corkscrw curls the diameter of a pencil), and the back of his head has big, soft curls- maybe about the diameter of my thumb. It's so interesting to see all the different textures, curls, and sizes on just one precious little head!

Have fun watching their hair grow! It truly is a beautiful wonder!

Brandy said...

I think time will tell (obviously...hehe). But I vote CURLY. Love you guys.

Janell said...

curly! You are right. their hair can start straight but will eventually get curly. There are however various kinds of curls. Some so tight you can't define the curls and some loose big beautiful curls. Can't wait to meet the girls someday.