Thursday, March 4, 2010

Leeaaaviiiiing On A Jet Plane

No, not to Ethiopia.  Yet.  The title is way better if you sing it to yourself.  This is finally the weekend we are heading to visit our CVE family in Mexico. We are so excited to see the staff, kids and church again!

Each time we visit, the girls pretend not to like Jon.  This is a picture from evening one of watching the girls last year.  Yes, poor Jon is at the bottom of the pile.

We are glad for the opportunity to talk about our girls with these other special girls in our lives!
So excited to see the kiddos!

 To see more on the CVE kiddos and why we are going, click here.

We are ramping up on our trip to Ethiopia, just waiting for those travel dates! 

We need to take duffels with us filled with donations for the care centers and kids.  If you are interested in donating gently used clothing (all kids sizes), shoes (all kids sizes, especially croc style) bottles, stuffed animals,socks, undies or toys, we would greatly appreciate it. The donations of American families in Ethiopia is how they stay stocked.  From what we understand, clothing is very expensive in Ethiopia and not high quality.  The centers also need lotion,shampoo, etc, but that is heavier and we are restricted with a weight limit, so we will probably purchase to fill in the gaps.

If you have an interest, e-mail me at

Blessings!  TTFN.  (Yes, I was just watching the Tigger Movie with a client''s daughter).  ;)


Heidi said...

Hey, what is your email? .. I would love to talk ..

Dave and Angie: said...

Amy!!!! WooHoo!!!! I join in your praise for these precious girls!!! Congratulations Mommy!!!!
~Angie Donaldson

Jill said...

Have a great trip!! Just saw the new pic on here of your babies. Oh man, are they cute!!!

Wee said...

Blessings on your travels and visit with your CVE family!