Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fort For the Fatherless

Hi everyone! 

I just wanted to let you know some really exciting news for the Fort Wayne area churches!

There is a grassroots initiative starting in Fort Wayne, IN and we can all get involved.

Check out the website,

Mark your calendars for May 21st to hear the incredible testimony of Stephanie Fast.

Please pray that God's heart for the worldwide orphans infects His Church and we stand up and do something about it!


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, we heard Stephanie Fast last year and she blew me away. Please everyone, if you can go her testimony is incredible!

Sarah S.

Susan Haerr said...

Hey Jon and Amy! Your girls are so beautiful! What an incredible thing is taking place in your lives and in theirs. Thanks for keeping the updates coming.

Shannon met Stephanie Fast last year at the Christian Alliance For Orphans summit w/ Ed S. She is an amazing woman with an incredible testimony. We would love to get her to Taylor at some point to share here.

We will continue to pray for you both and are so excited for the time to come when you get to bring your precious girls home. Love you guys!

Dana said...

I am so happy to hear about this! I can't wait! I was so sad to miss her when you went to hear her last fall.