Sunday, September 19, 2010


Being from the country, we had good neighbors, but a neighbor meant something entirely different than an “in-town” neighbor.  In the country, anyone within a few miles radius was considered a neighbor. When I first moved into town, I didn’t know how I felt about sacrificing so much privacy, however, we have great neighbors. Honestly, I feel super-blessed.  Our neighbors are generous and watch out for us.  I have come home many times and found treats on our front porch.  Or we will be out and someone comes by with a little something, Enfamil coupons, baby toys, Texas sheet cake, fresh produce, etc.  We have neighbors who can tell the girls apart and come over as much as they can to visit them and chat.

September 120

This is an example of a baby toy we have received.  This thing is over 30 years old, in great shape, the girls love to rock on it and it doesn’t collapse if I sit on it!  Any ideas what it is?  We call it their “rocking thingie” or “the duck”.  We could use your creative juices in renaming it.

There are neighborhood sisters who are constantly making me scratch my head, cringe and then laugh.  I think they finally have said enough “funnies” that I can devote a blog post to them.  Let me give you a few examples.

Me: Hey H, is your Dad inside watching the game?

H: No, He’s POOPING!  hehehehe


H: Now where are your babies from? (they ask me this question probably once a week)

Me: Ethiopia

H: Oh yeah, that is in Africa, they don’t even know what tv is there!


In front of other adult neighbors,

M: How much did you pay for your babies?

Me: You know sweetie, people don’t pay for babies.  You can’t put a price on kids. 

M: I heard it’s lots of money.

Me: We paid money for a service, for people to help us find Jada and Adia.  Just like your Mommy paid a doctor so he would help her have you.  Does that make sense?

H: Yeah…So, how much was it?


And my recent favorite:

The neighbor girls were over…

M: Wow, your house is a lot messier now that you have babies!


Thank you sweet child.  You can go home now.  ;)


Holli said...


Jennifer M said...

Very funny!

Justin & Sarah said...

Out of the mouths of babes.... LOL! It's sortof like the time when Hudson was not even two, and had a very limited vocabulary - saw me changing and said, "Butt!!" And after a little more consideration, "BIG butt!!" Thanks buddy! Mommy really needed that! ;) BTW, my vote for the yellow duckie thing, is "Ernie." He sortof reminds me of Ernie from Sesame Street. :) Miss you and my fabulous nieces! XOXOXO

Stephanie Leigh said...

Ay, no! Emi, kids are amazing, no? And slightly tactless... they say what we sometimes think! :)

Ashley Baner said...

It is definitely called an "Ollie". I found it on the internet with typing in things about the 80's and yellow ride on toy. It did take some digging though so apparently they are rare. They also come in a style with wheels. I am pretty sure I had one of those when I was a kid. The 80's rocked! :)