Friday, September 3, 2010

We Just Wanna Crawl!

Oh they are so close!  They have been so close to crawling for a little while now.  At first, I wasn’t ready for them to crawl because I know it is drastically going to effect my day-to-day life.  However, after a few weeks of watching them try and seeing their desperate desire for it, I am beyond ready!  They are also daily getting more comfortable with standing and taking steps while holding onto our hands.  Jon and I have really been working with them now, moving their arms and legs so they can get the feel…

Here is a few shots of what happens during morning playtime.

September 2010-Crawling 015

Jada is in position.  From this position, they rock and then do a wild lunge forward for whatever motivation I had in front of them and end up like this…

September 2010-Crawling 019

and then this…

September 2010-Crawling 021

But alas, I have found the problem, they aren’t actually trying to crawl, they are trying to stand.

September 2010-Crawling 027

They keep one foot firmly planted on the ground and try to shove upwards.  I also think this makes them feel more secure that they can get back in the sitting position.

September 2010-Crawling 025

Or this.  But she can’t move it forward.

Adia is so close too!

September 2010-Crawling 011

September 2010-Crawling 013

September 2010-Crawling 028

“Come on Mom, just give me the toy”!

We cheer and cheer for their progress, but does anyone have suggestions on helping them connect the dots?


They would be most grateful.  ;)


Kristi said...

cute, Ames! Adilynn is just getting the hang of holding her tummy off the floor when she scoots across it. No more cleaning the floors for me! Lets get the girls together, maybe yours will try to chase mine. Or, more likely, mine will just try to eat yours. :)

Justin & Sarah said...

I love the pic of Jada with her but in the air!! Hilarious!!! :)

Jessica said...


I'm not sure if this will work with your girls or not (our boys may just be weird! ;)) but when the boys got to that miserable stage of trying to learn to crawl, Nick would cup his hand around their jaw/chin and pull them up and forward. I know it sounds awful, but they caught on really quick after that. THis forced them to move in that direction and then realize that is how they can get thier toys.

Hope this makes sense and I'm not sure if it really will work or not for you...but it did for us! :) Your girls are beautiful!


Sandra said...

Im not sure this will work for your girls either, but this worked for all three of my boys. My boys loved my shiny fun watches that I wore. I would take it off my wrist set it infront of them enough to were they could see it, it enticed them, but had to crawl to reach it. I even think I have a video on my blog with my last child who learned to crawl doing this:). Its weird how everyone has their own way of teaching a child to crawl and once they find it works they do it for all their kids:).
Love the pictures. What cute little bottoms they have:)

Eric & Marissa Bahler said...

Another idea on motivation: anything black and shiny. Several babes i know have crawled for remotes & cell phones. Of course, this just means you'll have to hide them once they actually do crawl... electronics + slober does NOT equal good things :) Other than that, I would say it'll just take some time for them to figure it out. I give it a week before you're wishing for baby gates :) They really could not be any cuter!

Jessica said...

Briggs has the exact birthday as the girls and he just started crawling on the 24th. He did the same thing, not standing, but getting on all 4 and then lunging and would then roll over. Then one day it just clicked. I wouldn't be surprised if they start crawling in the next week!

Jessica (T)