Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just When We Think The Zoo Can’t Get Any Better…

Daddy goes with us and we have so much fun!

Zoo and other fun 037

Zoo and other fun 042

Zoo and other fun 058

Zoo and other fun 069

We had tickets for a free ride…the girls loved the carousel…

Zoo and other fun 079

Zoo and other fun 078

until it started moving.  All three of us shared the tiger.

Zoo and other fun 082

The up-and-down action was a little too much.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Results for the Salt and Pepper Poll…

Thank you very much, majority of voters, for supporting me in that the salt should have more holes.  :) 

All of the commenters were helpful in their logic.  Jon says that the pepper should have more holes because it comes out slower.  I say the salt should have more holes as I generally want more salt than pepper.  However, at our house, we have the pepper in the shaker with more holes and as I am too lazy to change all my salt and pepper shakers, if you are over at our house, be careful when you go to season you dish!  :)


erica said...

My husband and I just had the salt and pepper conversation the other night as I was setting the table for guests! We put the salt in the one with more holes......

Cute photos of your adorable girls!

Kristi said...

oh, I love the smiles when the eyes scrunch up and the tongues come out! SUPER cute!

JakeGman said...

Love the pics at the Zoo! I remember when it was just jon and i banging on those drums!! :D The girls are so Cute!

Wells L said...

The facial expressions on the girls are so amazing to see. Looks fun!